Welcome to my non-existent home page

One of these days I'll add some real content to this page. In the meantime, there's only one thing available here and that's this program I wrote a while ago, and have been working on some more. A couple of days ago I even found a bug in it, so I've fixed it and uploaded the fixed version here.

If you use this version of Hydra with files generated by the previous one, you may get warnings that checksums don't match. That's because the bug was in the checksum code, and I've fixed it now to work the same on all compilers, I hope. I considered making the fixed checksum code a "new" checksum, which could exist in parallel with the broken version, but I figure nobody's using the program anyway, and also the message it gives is right - there could be data corruption, because the bug was such that certain corruptions will go undetected.

I've also been working on an enhanced version which can split more ways than ever before (by using bigger words). The split/join code is in place, it's just the necessary vectors that are missing. If anyone out there has a way to generate the right kind of vectors over a finite field, please let me know. If you want me to explain how any of it works, please ask.